The Cocktail Deck: 52 Classic and Modern Cocktail Recipe Cards for Every Occasion

$16.99 USD
Type: Books

This box contains 52 cards of delicious cocktail recipes with beautiful bespoke illustrations, plus a wooden stand for easy display

Dive into this deck of 52 cards containing delicious cocktail recipes, both classic and modern. The box also includes a pocket-sized booklet and stand for displaying the recipe cards.

Bottoms up! Whether you’re a mixologist in the making or looking for new ideas to refresh your repertoire, let The Cocktail Deck help to make any occasion one to remember.

From the crowd-pleasing classics such as the Margarita and Piña Colada to modern must-know recipes like the Paper Plane and White Negroni, this beautifully illustrated deck includes over 50 recipes to spark your imagination, as well as a handy booklet full of expert tips and techniques on blending the perfect drink.

This is an ideal gift for all those who appreciate the unique alchemy of cocktail making.

·       Box includes 52 individual cards and a 16-page booklet with extra cocktail tips, tricks and presentation ideas

·       Display your cocktail recipe in the high-quality wooden stand as you create the perfect sip