Saltwater Taffy Bracelet

$55.00 USD
Type: Bracelets

The saltwater taffy bracelet is part of our darling candy collection and is such a fun piece to add to any jewelry lover's arsenal. Handmade locally right here in Ft. Worth, TX with crushed glass beads and recycled ammunition sourced from our artisan partners in Ghana and Ethiopia. Bracelets are on an elastic enclosure and measure approximately 3.5" in diameter.
Crushed glass beads: recycled glass in various colors is crushed and pulverized - then poured into a clay mold, using a cassava stem for the bead's hole. The mold is placed in a furnace and heated until the glass particles congeal without actually melting and the stem burns out. The Ghanaians have been making beads in this manner since the 1600s. Recycled ammunition: bullet casings and mixed metals are recycled and melted down. The mold are carved by hand to fashion each unique bead. Most of our recycled ammunition beads are sourced with our partners in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.