The Itty Bitty Yes You Cannabis Bag!

$35.00 USD
Type: makeup
The Itty Bitty Yes You Can-nabis Bag! You know our best selling sleepover bags that are perfect for overnights, now meet our teeny tiny version of a sleepover, call it a nap bag, call it a one-night-stand- yes you can....nabis call it whatever you'd like! Here's your new fave itty bitty contraband bag! You need a teeny tiny bag to put only your absolute essentials in for a perfect little outing or night in.
Mint green bag with a 5" zipper and green glitter canvas applique.
5x5x1 5" custom XOXO brass zipper!
Glitter vinyl is easy to sanitize and disinfect!
Designed & handmade in Brooklyn.