OMG Sweet & Salty Seasoned Pretzels

$10.99 USD
by OMG!
Type: Pretzels
The classic combination of cinnamon and raw cane sugar are the stars of this flavor. Get the perfect touch of salt as well to round out this amazingly poppable flavor. Try these dipped in chocolate or in a DIY trail mix tossed with some chocolate chips, cashews, and dried cherries. The perfect solution to topping ice cream or a fun twist for a pie crust, OMG! Pretzels are a must-have pantry staple. They have the nostalgic cinnamon sugar flavor you love and boost any baked good or sweet treat you use them to make. Try a recipe or a handful of these gourmet snacks today! You can thank us later! Once you pop one in your mouth, OMG! comes popping out! Stand up foil zip pouch with hang hole.